Top 4 Most Lovable Domestic Cats

If cat’s purr is the sound what peace would sound like, I will indeed vote for Mr. Purr! Did you know that cats were once recognized and worshipped as Gods in Egypt? They may be stubborn and might not be loyal like dogs are to their masters, but, hey! Their fluffiness overloaded tails, whiskers, and their tiny nibbles are enough to make us pick them up from the floor and do a squishy! Domestic cats come from the same family as big cats are from. Since we are discussing cats, did you know that there are various kind and breeds of domestic cats? You can meter them from Miss. Fluffiness to Furless Sphynx. In the following article, we will see some of the major cat breeds that are highly embraced by the owners. Let us hit the post.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

The first and the foremost domestic cats we are going to discuss is none other than the tiny floofies, Exotic Shorthair Cats. This cat breed is considered as one of the most registered cats covering the entire United States for the third time in a row. This kind of species is a cross of two of the most appreciated breeds namely, Persians and American shorthairs. Their representation is cute with short and thick fur, dense coats, and doesn’t require much time grooming.

British Shorthair

The second and the most celebrated cat breed is none other than the great British Shorthair. History tells us that it was the Romans who introduced British Shorthair to England ever since its introduction. Many owners highly embraced the cat throughout England. This kind of cat breed is the most popular cat breeds you can even catch in most of the TV commercials and TV serials.

British Shorthair

Persian Cats

The third-best cat breed that comes in the list is none other than his royal highness, Persian Cats! This breed is best known to have a dynamic and royal-like behaviour with amazing blue and grey eyes, cute and sweet faces, and elegant in all sense. There are many depictions as to what and where the Persian cats originated. Most of them depict that it was during 1684 BC where the breed originated in a place then known as Persia, now Iran.

Maine Coon Cats

The fourth and the most beautiful bread on the list is none other than the Maine Coon Cats. One peculiar thing about this bread is their cloud-like tails and peculiar face. They are very well known for their intelligence. They are the most celebrated cat breed throughout the world. The origination of this cat breed is from North America. They are very famous for shaggy coats.